Veeqo will allow you to accept backorders from WooCommerce for products that you currently have no physical stock for in your location. That means your real stock of 0 is set correctly in Veeqo, but the item will still be available for purchase on your WooCommerce. 

Veeqo does not support 3rd party pre-order plugins. We recommend using the official WooCommerce backorder settings described below.

Your backorders will come into Veeqo as Waiting for stock and therefore sit separately from your Ready To ship orders, to avoid any confusion.

1. Log into your WordPress Admin;

2. Go to your Products page on your WordPress admin;



3. Find the product you want to allow backorders for and scroll down to the Product Data section and select the Inventory tab;


4. Set the inventory settings as follows:

  • Enable stock management at product level - ✓

  • Stock Qty - 0

  • Allow Backorders? - either Allow, But Notify Customer or Allow

  • Stock status - In Stock


5. Check your visibility settings under the Publish section and make sure it's set to Public;


6. Click on Update.

This product will now say it's available for backorder and your customers will be able to add it to their shopping carts





Orders for these backorder products will go into Waiting For Stock and once you receive stock, you can simply allocate stock to these orders to make them Ready To Ship.

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