Have more control over your Magento orders in Veeqo, with partial and full refunds now available. Create the return and refund with customisable options.  

All possible return and refund cases:

  • Full refund
  • Partial refund
  • Repeated refund 

To start refunding in Veeqo follow these steps.

How it works: 

  1. Select the Magento order you wish to refund 
  2. Scroll down and select the Return Request button 
  3. At this point, you can customise the return and refund to fit the customer’s request.


Before confirming select either 

  1. Not refunded: This will not create a refund at this point, although you can refund at a later date
  2. Refund in Veeqo only: This will only refund customers on Veeqos side. No information will be sent back to Magento
  3. Refund in Veeqo and Magento: This will refund the customer and push the information back to Magento

Once you are happy hit create and your return and refund will be updated in Veeqo. 

Note: The status of the order will not change after return/refund in Veeqo. It will stay as shipped, however, return details can be seen in Order window.  

Note: Magento partial refunds only supported for connection bridge version 65 or higher. 

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