Magento Frequently Asked Questions 

1. If I cancel an order in Veeqo will it cancel in Magento and refund the customer?

Once an order is Canceled or Refunded in Veeqo we will update the order status of your Magento order too. You can process a full or partial refund in Veeqo and this will trigger the refund to Magento to refund your customer via their initial payment method.. If you make changes to your orders in Veeqo such as adding/removing products from the order or adjusting the price this won't automatically push up to your Magento store. In these cases you will need to amend the order on your Magento store if you want the records of these orders to match between Veeqo and Magento.

2. If I make changes to my order on Magento after it has pulled into Veeqo will it update in Veeqo automatically?

No. Once the order has pulled into Veeqo any adjustments to the order contents/customer address or pricing will need to be made on both Magento and Veeqo if you'd like the records to match.

3. Can Veeqo pull in Shipped and/or historical order data?

Yes! If you have past orders that you want to bring into Veeqo we can pull these in. This is really helpful if you want to bring your past customer details into Veeqo

4. Can Veeqo pull in orders that use customised order statuses?

If you have a plugin that uses different order statuses from the default Magento options available then Veeqo won't be able to pull these orders in. Veeqo looks for Magento orders that are either SHIPPED or PROCESSING.

5. Does Veeqo pull customer notes from my Magento Orders?

Currently Veeqo isn't able to pull the customer notes from Magento orders, however we are looking at adding this feature soon.

6. Does Veeqo pull in the product cost prices from Magento?

At the moment Veeqo doesn't pull in the cost prices of your products, however you can import these via a CSV. Please check out this helpguide for more information on this

7. Do my Pending/Unpaid orders pull into Veeqo?

Orders will only come into Veeqo once the payment has been completed and the order has a status of PROCESSING on Magento. This is to prevent allocations being made for products which haven't been purchased by a customer.

8. How long does it take to update the order status on my Magento store from Veeqo?

The time it takes for your order status to update is determined by the responsiveness of your server. Veeqo will send out the order status change within a maximum of 5 minutes from the moment you ship the order.

9. Can I push new listings/update products from Veeqo to Magento?

The best place to edit existing listings and create new ones is directly on your Magento store. We do have a lister tool which allows you to publish new listings to both eBay and Amazon, however we don't currently have a tool to push products to Magento.

10. Will Products With Options pull into Veeqo?

Veeqo will pull in Variant/Configureable and Simple products. If you use a plugin/extension to create customizable products then these won't be able to pull into Veeqo. Therefore, any orders attached to these products won't pull in either.

11.Does it support Version 2 of Magento?

Yes. Our integration works with the new Magento V2.

12. If I change the listing status on Magento from active to inactive and vice versa, will the listing status update in Veeqo also?

Yes, Magento listings that have been turned inactive on your Magento admin will show as inactive in Veeqo. The associated Veeqo product will still appear on your products page but the store icon will appear greyed out.

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