You can list your products from Veeqo directly to eBay/Amazon using this guide. If your listings go into the Failed Section then use the guide below to troubleshoot the messages.

If any part of the eBay/amazon profile has required information missing or is incorrect then you will receive a warning or an error message. The error messages that you receive will allow you to understand exactly why the listing(s) were unable to publish to eBay. 

Warnings and error messages

1. No <item.Location> exists or <Item.Location> is specified as an empty tag in the request.

If you receive the following error message above this is referring to the warehouse address being blank. eBay requires the location from where you dispatch your items from.

You can find out how to enter a warehouse address by clicking the link below:

2. VariationSpecificSet container (Item.Variations.VariationSpecificsSet) is required to list a Multi-SKU item.

If you receive the following error message above this is referring to the properties that have not been mapped on the Match Properties screen within the eBay listing profile that has been chosen in Veeqo.

For example, if in the Match Properties screen of the eBay profile there is a property for Brand. You will need to ensure that the Brand property has been matched within the Match properties screen and also the Brand has been applied to the product.

3. Unable to publish listing: Oops! Something went wrong on the server. Please, don't worry - we've been alerted of the problem.

If you have received the following error message above, then this could be due to the eBay lister profile having no 'Category' added to it or it could be due to the Match Properties not being mapped within the eBay lister profile.  

4. The EAN field is missing. Please add EAN to the listing and try again.

If you receive the following error message above, it either means that the EAN/Barcode has not been applied to the product or the EAN/Barcode is incorrect or hasn't got the correct number of digits.

5. It looks like you've reached the number of items you can list. You can list up to xxx items this month. Request to list more: *link provided in error message*

This warning is letting you know that you have reached the maximum number of items that you can list. You will need to get in contact with eBay if you would like to extend your listing limit.

6. The item specific Brand is missing. Add Brand to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again.

If you receive the following error message above, it means that you have now applied the Brand to the product. If the eBay category that you have selected requires this field, a brand is necessary in order to publish the listing to eBay.

You can create product brands by following this help guide:

7. Funds from your sales will be unavailable and displayed as 'pending' in your PayPal account for a period of time. Learn more:

This is a warning message which provides a link to where it explains why your funds may be delayed or held and explains how to get faster access to your funds.

8. If you receive an error message relating to the products image. eBay have now required all product images to be bigger. The set requirement is for the images to be set to at least 500 pixels on the longest side. This requirement was brought in on the 1st of July.

9.If you receive the error SKU xxxxxxx, Missing Attributes standard_product_id. SKU xxxxxxxx doesn’t match any ASINs. Make sure that all standard product ids (such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN codes) are correct. To create a new ASIN, include the following attributes: standard_product_id. Feed ID: 0.

If you receive the error above i.e Missing Attributes standard_product_id you need to ensure there is a Valid UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN barcode on the Veeqo product in the barcode field

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