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Creating a manual order directly in Veeqo

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You can create orders in Veeqo, this is useful for phone or wholesale orders you receive. Before you can create an order you'll need at lease one Direct or Retail store added. Check out This Guide to add a new store.

1. Click Orders in the top menu and then click the + New Order button.

2. If you have more than one Direct or Retail store choose the one you want to use.

Tip: If you have more than one Direct or Retail store but you use one of them more frequently you can set a default store. Check out This Guide to find out how.

3. Search for an existing customer or create a new one you want to use for this order.

If you're creating a new customer enter your customers shipping address, we will automatically try and find their address as you type in the zipcode/postcode, it will search most US/EU addresses and we are adding more all the time.

4. Type the name, SKU or use a barcode scanner to find the product you want to sell in the "Search products" field.

5. Select a product and add more as you require. By default the sale will be recorded against the store Phone but you can add new stores and call them as you want, this is good for when you are doing sales reporting.

If your selected store is in a different currency to your currency in Settings>Veeqo then the latest exchange rate will be used when drafting the order.

6. Click the Create order button and your order is complete!  If there was stock available for the items it will appear in Ready to ship section and if not in Waiting for stock or in Payment required if you haven't applied a payment.

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