If you have products with multiple variations, such as clothing or trainers then you follow the process as above for each variant and Veeqo will automatically send these through to eBay as variants. We recommend you have read the List Your Products To eBay guide and completed the following steps before attempting this guide:

  1. Added all required Product Properties to your Veeqo Products
  2. Added all Variant Options to your Veeqo Products
  3. Created your eBay Listing Profile(s)

When listing variants to eBay you need to make sure that you have at least one Variant Option assigned to every variant you'd like to list.

1. When you're ready to list your Variant Products to eBay go to Products>Listings and choose the Not Listed tab.

2.  Search for the product you want to list to eBay and choose the correct eBay Listing Profile and assign it to each of the variants of that product you want to list.

3. Click the check box next to each of the variants and under Actions choose List Selected

You need to select all variants of a product you want to list. Currently you are unable to add new variants to an existing eBay listing from Veeqo. Instead you will need to add any additional listings directly on your eBay store.

If you run into any errors when listing to eBay check out the Solving eBay Listing Errors article.

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