With our eBay Listing feature you can push your Veeqo products to eBay. We recommend you complete the steps in our List Your Products To eBay guide before following the steps in this guide.

Once you have added Veeqo Product Properties and Variant Options you can now create your Listing profiles

1. Hover over the Products tab and select Listings

2. Select the Not Listed tab

3. Select the eBay store from dropdown menu next to Show Veeqo Products Ready to list on

4. Click on the + symbol to create your first profile

5. Give your profile a name and fill in all of the required information then click Create Profile in the bottom right corner.

6. Click on the Choose Categories button and search for the eBay category you want to publish listings to in this profile 

7. Click the +Add button next to the correct category


You will see your chosen category at the bottom of the screen. If this is correct then click Update categories


8. Click Match Properties and you will be shown the screen below with the different property categories. Click the check box next to each one to see the properties.

Now you can match properties for products in eBay to the ones saved to your Veeqo products, this is will make sure all your product data gets uploaded. Each line is colour coded in the key below:

Red = Must have
Yellow = Suggested
White = Optional

Instead of matching to a Veeqo property you can put in a default value, e.g., if this product is made by APPLE, then enter that into the "default value" column and this will override the Veeqo property.

Once you have matched all the properties you want to do then click Update.

Checkout the following guides to publish your products to eBay using the profile(s) you just created:

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