Shipping Your First Order
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only. For US sellers please see this guide.

Shipping your first order in Veeqo is exciting! When you ship an order in Veeqo, the following will happen:

  • The order status in Veeqo will change to Shipped.

  • A shipping label created for you to print.

  • Your remote store order marked as shipped.*

  • The customer will get a email to confirm the shipment and tracking details.*

To see a full list of our shipping integrations, click here.

How to ship a single order:

  1. Go to your Orders page

  2. Apply Ready to Ship order filter

  3. Apply any additional filtering, for example Store or Location

  4. Click on the SHIP button on the order you want to ship.

  5. This will bring up the available services for you to select from

  6. Select a service and any additional options

  7. Click Ship

  8. A shipping label will then generate which you can print

8. You can also view the shipment information and view the shipping label by clicking into the order (Shipments section). If you've selected a tracked service, the shipment will also have a link to the carrier's tracking page to view its delivery status.  

9. To view the shipping label, click the label icon

Important: Your remote store order will be marked as shipped and the customer will get a email to confirm the shipment and tracking details depending on your default store settings which you can view following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click Marketplace and ecommerce integrations

  3. Click into the store you want to change and ensure the below settings are toggled on

We will only update your store status and send the customer email when the above options are enabled. Any new orders that you fulfil will have these actions applied.

Bulk shipping your orders

Veeqo gives you the option of shipping orders individually or up to 100 at a time. We recommend bulk shipping when you are either:

To take advantage of our scan to pack feature and paperless picking we recommend shipping orders individually. You'll also have access to more detailed shipping options, which can be particularly useful for your international orders. For steps on how to ship orders one at a time check out this guide.

Shipping up to 100 Orders at a time

You can manually create batches of up to 100 orders to be shipped together. First choose to display 100 orders per page

Then using the Select All checkbox 100 orders in the view will be selected. Then Actions>Ship and these selected orders will be shown on the Bulk Ship screen for you to process.

Change the fulfilment location of an order

Veeqo automatically routes orders to specific locations based on your settings. You can manually change the location you want to fulfil the order from at any time.

1. On the order pop-up, click ACTIONS

2. Select Remove Inventory from the dropdown menu


4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until the SHIP button disappears from the order screen


6. Under the LOCATION dropdown, select the fulfillment location that should ship the order


Shipping With Labels

If you have connected a carrier directly with Veeqo the shipping labels for each order will be generated.

Shipping Without Labels

If you are generating your shipping labels outside of Veeqo you can mark the order as shipped with any carrier without generating a label. Alternatively select the Other carrier.

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