Shipping your first order in Veeqo is exciting! When you ship an order in Veeqo, the following will happen:

  1. The order status in Veeqo will change to Shipped.

  2. A shipping label created for you to print.

  3. Your remote store order marked as shipped.*

  4. The customer will get a email to confirm the shipment and tracking details.*

This help guide will demonstrate how to single ship an order and how to view a shipment and a shipping label. You can also quick links to Veeqo's shipping page, the order search and filtering feature, how to bulk ship with a courier and auto-printing documents on shipping.

Quick Link to shipping integrations and FAQ's: Shipping Overview

How to single ship an order:

  • Go to your Orders page

  • Apply Ready to Ship order filter

  • Apply any additional filtering, for example Store or Location

  • Click on the SHIP button on the order

  • This will bring up the available services for you to select from

  • Once you have selected a service, click Ship 

  • A shipping label will then generate which you can print

  • You can also view the shipment information and view the shipping label by clicking into the order (Shipments section). If you've selected a tracked service, the shipment will also have a link to the carrier's tracking page to view its delivery status.  

  • To view the shipping label, click the label icon

Quick Links:

Bulk Ship up to 500 orders at a time
Bulk Ship with Royal Mail
Order Search and Filters
Auto-printing documents on shipping

Note: Your remote store order marked as shipped / The customer will get a email to confirm the shipment and tracking details.** This depends on your default store settings which you can view by hovering over the Settings and selecting Stores and then clicking on the store you want to view and selecting the Edit tab. Under the section How Orders Are Synced you can see what is currently enabled.

If you would like the Shipped status to sync to your store when you ship an order in Veeqo, you will need to toggle on the option to "When an order is shipped or cancelled in Veeqo, update my store and mark the order as 'shipped' or cancelled'?" then click Save.

If you would like Veeqo to send shipping confirmation emails, you will need to toggle "Send my customer a shipping confirmation email when an order is Shipped in Veeqo". If you are enabling this for Shopify, you will need to toggle BOTH options ON:

Important: Only when the above options are enabled, any new orders that you fulfil will have these actions applied.



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