The powerful Refund/Returns Management feature is a single place for Customer Service, Warehouse and Finance teams to keep track of all refunds and returns. This guide shows you how to perform a partial or full refund on an order.

Refunding your first order:

  • Click into the order you are going to perform a refund on

  • From the Order Summary scroll down to the Order Breakdown section.

  • Click Return Request in the section that contains the products in the relevant status.

  • Adjust the quantity of items you want to Refund. For products that are unshipped all refunded items must also be marked as returned. When you create the request these items will automatically go back into available stock.

  • Set the Request Status, Reason and add in any notes that other Veeqo users may find useful. If the refund is to be processed at a later date or by someone else choose Ready To Refund

  • When you're ready to process the refund you can click View in the Returns section of the Order Summary

Alternatively you can access the Request by using the Returns Management screen from Orders > Returns. You can either search for the Return No or select the filters Ready To Refund and Refund Paid = No.

When you are ready, you can either select Not refunded, Refund in Veeqo Only or Refund in Veeqo and remote store.

  • Refund in Veeqo Only means that the total refund amount will be saved on the order. The refund / return will NOT be updated to the online store.

  • Not refunded means - The total refund amount will NOT be saved on the order. A refund can be made at a later date

  • Refund in Veeqo and remote store (Example chosen: Shopify) - The total refund amount will be saved on the order and also sent to Shopify. The shopify order status will update and a payment will be refunded depending on the payment method.

Note: At the moment, you can only push full refunds to Shopify, Magento (closed BETA) and Woocommerce using the Returns feature.

  • Then set the Status to Completed and click Save


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