Our listing tool will make it really easy for your to list your products from Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Magento onto Amazon.

You will need:

  • Amazon Professional Seller Account for your country (we support all world wide)USAUK and EUCanadaIndia
  • Your products will need barcodes if they are not already sold on Amazon. You can use our search tool to find products on Amazon.

There are two ways to list your products on Amazon:

  1. Publish Your Amazon Listings With Profiles

Create a profile which saves all the defaults for products for when we list them, this is a good option if you are listing a lot of products at once. Your products will need barcodes.

2. Publish Your Amazon Listings By Searching For Existing Listings On Amazon
You can search the Amazon database of products from within Veeqo to select which is your product, Veeqo will then use all its standard details to list your product but using your price and stock levels.


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