Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) Overview
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United States only. For UK sellers please see this guide.

You can use Veeqo's integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment to send orders from your other channels (like eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more) to FBA so they can ship the orders for you.

Enabling Amazon Multi channel Fulfilment (MCF) in Veeqo

1.) Before you can use MCF you must first have an FBA channel enabled, learn how to do this here

Once you’ve followed the guide linked above to enable FBA in Veeqo you will automatically be able to use Amazon fulfilment to fulfil orders from ANY other store you have connected in Veeqo.

Important: You will need a Professional Seller Plan on Amazon Seller Central to use Amazon’s multichannel fulfilment with Veeqo.

Shipping with MCF

There are two options for shipping with Multichannel Fulfilment with Veeqo. You can either:

Ship with Amazon MCF One By One:

  1. Go to the orders page

  2. Make sure the allocated location for your order is and FBA location

  3. Click the drop down next to Buy label

  4. Click Ship With Amazon MCF

5. Choose which Amazon location you want the item to ship from, the advanced options and add an order comment. If you leave order comments blank the default message "Thank you for your order!" will be used. Click Ship.

5. Sit back and relax while Amazon ship your order out!

  • Once the order is sent, Veeqo is then waiting for confirmation from Amazon that it has allocated stock to that order and we mark the order in Veeqo as Awaiting Amazon Stock.

  • After Amazon has allocated stock the order status in Veeqo is updated to Awaiting Amazon Fulfilment as we are now just waiting for Amazon to ship it out.

  • Once Amazon ship the order, we automatically mark the order as shipped in Veeqo include any tracking numbers and also add an internal note with more details on what was shipped.

  • Veeqo then updates your original sales channel to mark it has shipped and email the customer confirmation.

  • The shipping country needs to match the FBA region you are trying to ship from.


Ship Automatically with MCF

You are be able to automate this on a per store basis. If for example you want ALL orders from your eBay store to be sent to Amazon for fulfilment then you would go to Settings>Marketplace and Integrations and click into your chosen store.

Click edit and then "show advanced settings".

With this enabled we will attempt to send every order from your chosen store to Amazon for fulfilment (providing there is an FBA listing linked to the same Veeqo product as the origin listing from the store the order was placed on).

Note: You must have an FBA listing linked to the corresponding Veeqo Product within the Order itself. If not, the fulfilment request will be rejected by Amazon MCF. Similarly, you must have inventory at the FBA location otherwise the fulfilment request will be rejected.

Amazon MCF Advanced Options

Blank Box and opting out of Amazon Logistics

In these advanced options and also each time you Ship with MCF you are also able to choose additional MCF options

Amazon Blank Box MCF allows your order to be shipped in neutral packaging.

MCF has also added the option for sellers to opt out of using Amazon Logistics (AMZL) for middle and last mile. Instead, non-Amazon branded carriers will be used to deliver the package to the buyer.

IMPORTANT: There is a +5% fee charged to seller for using the 'No Amazon Logistics' option.

Note: Walmart orders must be shipped using Blank Box and opted out of Amazon Logistics, this option cannot be changed for this integration.

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