You can customise your invoices to reflect the breakdown of the order in Veeqo. If you would like to know how to display tax on your invoice, this help guide will demonstrate how you can achieve this.

To learn more on how to calculate tax on your orders in Veeqo, here is how you enable tax calculations for your eBay and Amazon stores. For Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify, you need to enable tax calculations directly on your store rather than Veeqo.

Displaying tax on your invoice template:

  • Go to Printing templates

  • Find the template and click Edit 

  • From the panel on the left hand side, click the Text field.

  • Click on the newly created text field so it's highlighted

  • On the panel on the right, click on Insert data field

  • On the pop up menu type "tax" into the search and select total_tax from the results

  • Click on the Insert data field button

  • Save the template by clicking on the floppy disk icon at the top of screen

Note: When you print an invoice for an order on Veeqo and the total tax figure is not displayed, it could be down to you not calculating tax on your orders or your invoice template isn't set up to display tax.

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