Connecting Buy Shipping Veeqo

How to ship Prime orders in Veeqo

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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only.

What you can do with Buy Shipping

By connecting your Amazon Buy Shipping account to Veeqo you'll be able to:

  • Fulfil Amazon PRIME orders from your own inventory

  • Ship your orders using Buy Shipping services from the ORDERS page

  • Automatically notify Amazon the moment you mark your orders as shipped

  • Print out your Buy Shipping labels directly from Veeqo

How to Connect your Buy Shipping Account

  1. Click CONNECT next to Buy Shipping

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions on Amazon Seller Central

Note: We allow the selection of shipping methods for Amazon orders that don’t meet Amazon’s delivery promise. Orders that are shipped using out-of-promise ship methods will not be covered by Buy Shipping protection. To find out more, log into Seller Central and read this page about the benefits of Buy Shipping

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