By connecting your Amazon Logistics shipping account to Veeqo you'll be able to:

  • Fulfil Amazon PRIME orders from your own inventory

  • Ship your orders using Amazon Logistics services from the ORDERS page

  • Automatically notify Amazon the moment you mark your orders as shipped

  • Print our your Amazon Logistics labels directly from Veeqo

If Amazon have linked your Seller Account to your Royal Mail OBA Account then you can create these shipments directly within Veeqo

1. Accept terms and conditions on Amazon seller central for UK.

2. Head to the stores section by hovering your mouse over Settings and clicking on Stores

2. Click on the Amazon account you want to enable shipping for

3. Click EDIT and enable "Amazon Logistics" option and click Save

4. In order to Ship an order head to the Orders page then click the Ship on an order.

5. On the right hand side you will see the courier list. Scroll down to see Amazon services available along with the price. Select the service you require by clicking on the bullet point to the right hand side of the service. 



6. You will then need to enter the dimensions of the parcel and click refresh quotes. You can also change the country of origin if necessary.

7. Once you have refreshed quotes you will need to reconfirm the service you require then hit the Ship button

The order will then be marked as shipped and your Amazon label for this order will automatically opened in a new tab ready to print. Your Amazon account will be charged for this services.

8. Generate your Manifest by logging into your Amazon Sellers Central account  and navigating to Orders>order reports>end of day reports>create collection forms

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