If this is the first store you are connecting to Veeqo we recommend connecting the store with the most complete product catalog. 

If this an additional store we recommend you check and update your product SKU codes so your products can be linked in Veeqo. This will prevent any duplicate products from being created. Find out more here.  

How does Amazon integration work?

  • Every 10 minutes, new orders will be download from Amazon to Veeqo.

  • When you ship an order in Veeqo, Amazon is updated with the details. This includes the fulfillment status, any tracking numbers along with an email confirmation sent to your customer.

  • Every 60 minutes, Veeqo checks for new listings in Amazon to be downloaded.

  • When stock levels change for a product in Veeqo, the changes will be pushed to Amazon immediately.

  • If you sell on international Amazon stores you'll need to add a separate store for each country, even if your international stores are connected to one Amazon Seller Account

  • When you ship an Amazon order in Veeqo it will update your store within 60 minutes.

Connecting your first Amazon store

  1. If you did not connect your store in the setup process head to your home page and find the action card ‘connect your first store to Veeqo’

  2. You will then be taken through the Veeqo's set up Wizard, where you will need to fill in your information and sign in to your Amazon account to confirm. 

Advance store syncing preferences: 

  1. Import completed orders from the store to Veeqo: Veeqo will import all of your historic order data

  2. Import pending orders to Veeqo: Orders that still need a payment (recommended)

  3. Import order tags to Veeqo: Pull your Amazon order tags through to Veeqo (recommended)

  4. Import product tags to Veeqo: Pull your Amazon product tags through to Veeqo

Once you have done this it will take 30 minutes to 5 hours to pull your product catalog into Veeqo.  

Connecting additional Amazon stores 

When connecting additional stores we recommend checking:

  1. Head to the setting cog () and click Stores 

  2. Press the + New Stores button

  3. You will then be walked through a simple process where you will enter your weight values and Amazon store information.

  4. You will then be redirected to Amazon to sign in to confirm the connection. 

  5. Once you have done this it will take 30 minutes to 5 hours to pull your product catalog into Veeqo.  

Once your store has fully connected you will probably find some of your products have review flags on them. This means a new product has been created and could potentially be a duplicate. Follow this guide to find out more and how to resolve this. 

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