It is important that your products have weights and dimensions associated to them as certain couriers require that your Veeqo products have either weight or dimension data attached to them. This is so they can generate the correct quote or check that you are shipping your items using the recommended service.

Another reason for adding product weights, is so that when it comes to shipping your order, the order weight is pre-populated and is calculated based on the line-items in the order.

Note: When multiple products are ordered Veeqo will calculate the total dimensions by adding up the width, length and heigh of all products. At the moment Veeqo doesn't use a "stacking" algorithm to determine the total order dimensions.

Adding Cost Prices:

Adding cost prices against your Veeqo products will allow Veeqo to show you how your business is performing. We recommend that all your products have a Cost Price. The Cost Price article explains more about how this works and how to add this information to your Veeqo Products.

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