When you enable Veeqo to be master of stock, Veeqo will take the stock levels that are entered against your products and these will then be pushed out to your store(s).

Important: Before you make Veeqo master of stock, you will need to check the following first:

  • Make sure that you do not have any unlinked listings. If you have any unlinked listings, Veeqo cannot push stock to these.Quick link: Linking your listings

  • Check that all of the stock levels in Veeqo are 100% accurate. If you find that they are not, please complete a stock-take before setting Veeqo as master of stock. 

If your stock-levels in Veeqo are correct and if you haven't already switched Veeqo on to be master of stock, we recommend that you switch this option on for each store. Veeqo is not designed to pull and push stock at the same time, therefore we recommend Veeqo is Master Of Stock for all your stores.

To enable Veeqo to control the stock levels of all your stores follow the Veeqo As Master Of Stock article.

Once Veeqo is controlling your stock you can either use Veeqo's Stock Take Feature to make sure your inventory is correct. Alternatively, you Import stock levels if you have this data stored somewhere else. If you have added Multiple Warehouses you will need to make sure that you have set the correct stock for each warehouse.

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