After you've added your first store you can check the status of the sync, by hovering over your notification bell. It can also take a couple of hours for your first store to send us all the product data.

Once your products are in and your listings are linked your orders should have begun pulling in. Check the Orders page to confirm they are there and hover over the Sync Status to check that they have all downloaded to your Veeqo account. 

By default Veeqo pulls in the stock levels from your first (main) store. At this stage you can now set Veeqo to be Master of Stock for your first store. Alternatively, you can continue to leave Veeqo sync the stock from your store.

Now it's time to add your second store.

Note: Follow the steps in the Add your First Store guide but it is important that you choose the correct setting for the section How Listings Are Synced:

  • If you have matching SKUs and there are some items on your second store that does not exist on your first store then use this configuration  

  • If you don't have matching SKUs BUT have titles that match exactly we recommend using this configuration. Any matches that Veeqo can't find will be left for you to Manually Link

  • If you don't have matching SKUs or matching titles then you will need to use this configuration. You'll then need to Manually Link all your listings

Repeat these actions for any additional stores. If there are any listings that were unable to be linked automatically you'll be able to find them in Listings. All of your listings should be linked before your orders can pull in and stock can be pushed form Veeqo. For instructions on how to link your products check out the Link Your Listings guide.


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